Decorative Antiqued Prints by H. Hal Kramer Co.

Exquisite miniature wall decor…timelessly designed and intelligently
priced for more than 50 years.

We have accumulated a relatively small collection of decorative antiqued prints and miniature wall décor by the Chicago based H. Hal Kramer Co. These beautiful and unique antiqued prints are based on the originals collected by Mr. Kramer during his travels around the world. Upon his untimely death in 1997, “Hal’s” son-in-law, Peter Horwitz, sold his Chicago deli business and took over H. Hal Kramer Co. Not having the opportunity to learn the ropes from his father-in-law, Peter scoured the company’s factory for clues about how to create the masterful wall décor for which his father-in-law had made so well known. He has continually pushed himself “to think like Hal”, perfect the art of miniatures, and adhere to the same quality standards his father-in-law insisted upon.

Rarely do you find miniature art these days, but never will you find it done better than H. Hal Kramer Co. The antique prints used today are from the originals Mr. Kramer collected for over 50 years – first as a collector and only secondly as a businessman. Each one is framed by hand using the highest quality solid wood frames. Peter has discovered his father-in-laws antique prints in cabinets and desk drawers throughout the factory, keeping his art collection new…..but all “Hal”. We know you will fall in love with these little masterpieces as much as we have.