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Twelve months ago, people said luxury is finished. That's nonsense.
There will always be luxury, just that the nature of it will always be evolving.

Greenville, South Carolina February 23, 2010 --- Parker Robinson, LLC has announced it’s new retail store, the Canny Rooster, offering luxury home furnishings brands at severely discounted prices. Open for just 30 days at a time, three times a year, the pop-up retailer will bring exclusive brands to market not typically included in a discount venue.

Unlike typical discount home furnishing outlets, the Canny Rooster will offer exclusive, high quality goods. “Even Luxury Brands have stock they want to dispose of, elegantly,” says Marcia Boyle, President of Canny Rooster’s parent company, Parker Robinson. “Canny Rooster presents a platform to retail inventory that is quality oriented, with a customer that appreciates the exclusivity of the product.”

It’s human nature to indulge, but shoppers have gone away from the “I need more for the sake of more and more”, to being more discerning about what they purchase. Value Retail, the largest string of luxury outlets in Europe, has seen sales rise 20% to just over $1.5 billion in the first three quarters of 2009 compared with 2008. While some customers feel too intimidated to walk into a full-priced luxury boutique for the first time, buying an item at a discount outlet can build confidence and allow shoppers to trade up. Conversely, traditional luxury buyers may feel some guilt over paying full price in tough economical times but can purchase familiar products for much less at discount outlets.

The economy has left many retail spaces empty. Shoppers see signs of failure and deadness - stripped spaces, empty shop windows. Then, suddenly there is sound, color, and energy. Pop-Up’s make it a win-win for landlords and retailers, creating cash flow for the landlord, a lower overhead structure for the retailer and a new shopping opportunity for consumers.

The Canny Rooster’s first sales event, each to be held in a different location, will launch this March in Greenville, SC. On the last day of each sales event, Canny Rooster partners with a local charity to auction remaining items. A donation of 5% of the proceeds, or a minimum of $1000, will benefit the charity. The Junior League of Greenville was chosen to be the recipient of the March sales event.

Parker Robinson was established in 2004 as a premier home furnishings pilot store in Sarasota, Florida. Seasonal “Sales Events” were successfully tested at the pilot store from 2004 – 2006 which ultimately led to the Canny Rooster pop-up store concept.


For more information, please contact Marcia Boyle, President

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